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Mount Saint

Joseph Academy

Mount Saint Joseph Academy (MSJ) is our Catholic High School. MSJ provides a quality education that affords students many opportunities to excel in scholarship, leadership, character development and service. The faculty and staff, in partnership with our parents, provide excellent, affordable Catholic values-based education to students.

Advance Your Education
The level of our personal commitment to each student is evident in the results—over the past ten years more than 95% of all MSJ graduates have gone on to college. 

MSJ Grading System
Traditional grading and class ranking systems, offering AP classes to encourage each student to reach their fullest potential academically.

Spiritual Life
To develop faith as a personal experience—to make it real—students put their beliefs into practice through community service and by being outside exploring. Every year, each class—first, second, third and fourth-year students—participates in a day-long retreat to provide them with a sense that faith exists outside of school, outside of the classroom.


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