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United Bank Student of the Month

Christ the King School is excited to continue with People’s United Bank "Student of the Month" award for the 2017-2018 school year! This award is based upon the “Good Conduct” values that our school strives to instill in everyone.


Each month a student who exemplifies all these values will be chosen to receive this award. As you all know the Good Conduct values are based upon Cooperation, being On Task Always, being Nice to all, Doing your best, showing Utmost Respect, demonstrating a Caring Attitude, and always having an appropriate Tone of Voice. The chosen student will receive a certificate and $50 from People’s United Bank.

Congratulations, Wesley Reynolds (kindergarten)! Our September 2017 recipient.

Congratulations, Ethan Courcelle

(8th grade)! Our October 

2017 recipient.

Congratulations, Maeve MacLachlan (6th grade)! Our November 2017 recipient.

Congratulations, Kyle

(4th grade)! Our February

2018 recipient.

Congratulations, Chloe Popa 

(3rd grade)! Our December 2017 recipient.

Congratulations, Gabby

(7th grade)! Our January 2018 recipient.

Congratulations, Ava Stevens

(2nd grade)! Our March

2018 recipient.

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