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Mini Milers

Mini Milers Details

The Mini Milers program gives elementary school children access to fitness, good nutrition, community service and goal setting, all while having fun and being safe. Children meet weekly with Mini Miler leaders to get motivated, get educated, get some exercise, and keep track of their progress.

How it Works For Mini Milers Groups:

We provide a Leader Manual with lessons and fun activities, including a Mileage Tracker for each participant.

Groups meet weekly (or twice a week) for an hour at a location to be determined by the Leader(s).

Participants use their Mileage Tracker to chart their fitness miles.

Participants submit miles to their Mini Milers leader.

Individual groups will celebrate their success at their program site, and each participant will be recognized.

We encourage Mini Milers participants to run in the Mini Marathon on May 25th. They will receive a special discount code to register.

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