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CKS Concussion Action plan

Christ the King School has developed this protocol to address the issue of the identification and management of concussions for students who participate in school sports. Act 68 was passed into law in 2013 and requires that schools have an action plan.

A safe return to activity protocol (learning and athletics) is important for all athletes following any injury, but it is essential after a concussion. The goal of this concussion protocol is to ensure that concussed athletes are identified, treated and referred appropriately for return to learn and return to play. Consistent use of concussion management protocol will ensure that the athlete receives appropriate follow-up and/or academic accommodations in order to make certain that the athlete is fully recovered prior to returning to full athletic play and activity.

Please click HERE to review/download the full CKS Concussion Action Plan. It is required that every parent/athlete review the CKS Concussion Action Plan to participate in school sports. Once the Concussion Action Plan has been reviewed, an acknowledgement form must be signed and return to the school for school records. A link to the acknowledgement form is provided below. Please download, sign, and return the acknowledgement form either to the CKS school office.

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